We Buy Homes
We Are Currently Looking for Homes In The Surrounding Areas Of New Orleans

Even though we will buy homes outside of Metairie Louisiana, like in New Orleans, Kenner, the West Bank and  other surrounding areas on our case by case inventory needs. We prefer purchasing property in Metairie because it's easier for us to manage. Our goal is to buy these houses on an ARI Quick Sell for what we believe the seller would receive if they were to sell the home on the open Real Estate Market. Thereafter, we add extra value to the property by doing the necessary repairs to make them move-in ready if needed.

We will make the necessary repairs and improvements.

The benefit to the seller is that they sell the house quickly versus putting it on the market for a long period of time. Because we at ARI buy these houses for what we believe the seller would receive after they would pay the traditional Real Estate fees, our service is a great benefit to the seller. Our profits are what the seller would have paid anyway in traditional Real Estate Fees. This is passed to us in the form of equity along with any sweat equity we make on improvements to the property.

With us you don't need to clean up or make any costly repairs. Just give us a call before you sign a commitment to put your house on the market. Our buying program is simple, let us make you an offer on your property or at least give you an example of how this process could work for you.

Please give us a call at (504) 888-3352 for more information.