The Calvert House Floor Restoration
Raphael Dalla Vechia with Datstone out of Kenner, Louisiana (504) 201-8950 restored the floors on our Metairie, LA property. The entire house was hardwood floors probably from the 1950's, which consisted mostly of oak. The kitchen and dining room areas were pine. I was told by a few floor contractors that the pine floors could not be restored. There was so much black glue on the pine floors from previous top floors it was hard to believe they could be salvaged. One flooring contractor even refused to do the pine floors and would only give me  a price quote on the oak floors. 
I was determined to get the pine floors sanded down, because at the worst I thought I could give it that distressed wood look. Who would have ever thought that Raphael Dalla Vechia could have restored them after all of the negative feedback I received on them.
Raphael never stated he could not restore the pine floors, but I assumed from talking to the other flooring contractors it would be a problem. It did not occur to me that Raphael did not tell me it was going to be a problem because he knew he could restore them.  I was debating on replacing the kitchen cabinets, but the floor looks so good the kitchen cabinets don't stand out anymore.
The oak floors were not as bad. But my guess is the previous owner did not believe the floors could be restored so they just covered them up with peel and stick tiles.



Close-up of Finished Oak and Pine Floors