Why waste space, time, and money to file, retrieve, and re-file your documents? Our solutions are tailored in such a manner that they should save your organization money by lowering your operating costs. Some of our solutions allow you to pay a fixed monthly fee, without having to absorb the startup costs of scanning your back filed records. We also offer  Free Record Storage, which could allow your organization to immediately resolve its record/space problems.

Anyone with an accounting aptitude can easily justify the cost of document imaging. Accounting departments, just like other support departments, can run at a fraction of the cost when utilizing document imaging within our workflow application. Once our software is in place, other departments, such as Human Resources and so on, can also use the system for their applications with their own set of access rights.
Retrievals though our workflow application are not just image oriented, but also object oriented. This means almost any file you would traditionally search for in almost any electronic format can also be indexed and retrieved through our workflow application. It does not matter if they are not Tiff or PDF images; they can also be files such as Word, Excel, and so on. Files can be indexed in multiple ways, versus having only a file name that the creator has to remember. Imagine never needing to search for records in Windows Explorer again.

The file cabinets and boxes of records above could fit on one DVD disk.

Document Imaging is just as useful as the computers, fax machines, cell phones, and other tools that businesses cannot exist without these days. Once you incorporate document imaging into your workplace, it will be a permanent cost-saving part of your business.