We Are Currently Buying Homes In Metairie, LA.

Traditional Scenario

Home Valued At: $170,000.00

After 12 Months On the Market Sold For: $160,000.00

Real Estate Commission: $7,800.00 (Based on 6% on the first $100,000.00 and 3% thereafter).  

Seller Closing Fees: $1,000.00

Subtotal: $151,200.00  

Taxes & Insurance For The Year $3,500.00

Total: $147,700.00 Only if the owner didn't also pay a mortgage for the 12 Months the house was on the market.

Our Possible Scenario 

Home Valued At: $170,000.00

Sold To Us For $150,000.00

Seller Closing Fees: $1,000.00 

Total Closing In An Estimated 30-Days: $149,000.00

Sometimes time is not always on your side when you're selling your property. Our approach is a win-win solution that allows you to sell your Metairie house in some cases for more than you might get on the open real estate market. The advantage is your property is sold quickly, so you can move on with your life without the traditional drawn-out headaches of selling your home. 

Our quick closing could allow you to sell your property to us before your next mortgage payment.

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