Imaging Retrieval Software

Additional Resources, Inc. has developed an enterprise workflow application that allows high-end retrievals, which works with standard SQL databases. This application can reside on a server and allow an unlimited amount of client work stations access, without installing software at the desktop level. We normally recommend this product to customers that wish to manage a million documents or more. The only charge for this Application is that of installation, training, annual support and any special modifications that may be requested by the customer.

Our retrieval workflow software can be used in one or many departments within a company, with each department storing their own application datasets. Please view this 1-minute video clip demo to get a better idea how easy it could be to retrieve your records in a paperless environment.

For smaller applications, we can use the database that was bundled with the customer’s standard business software suite. We can utilize this database with the image viewer that was supplied with their operating system to automate image retrievals through hyperlink technology. This is a great economical solution for customers on a small network with less than a million records.

The scanning products and services that we provide are all open-ended architecture based. This means that the images and indexes we create today can be migrated into any open-ended imaging system on the market. Your organization will immediately cash in on the benefits of imaging, with Additional Resources, Inc. providing the scanning and indexing services.