Scanning Services

Additional Resources, Inc. has a variety of scanning solutions tailored to fit our customer's needs. We can scan your records quickly or over time (to meet budget restraints). It does not matter where you are located, because after the initial pickup, we can deliver your records back wherever you're located electronically.

We even offer free record storage  to customers that would like to scan their records over time. This allows our customers to immediately regain space and/or downsize to a smaller location. Any requested records (on our premises) could be electronically transmitted though our Scan-On-Demand Services.

In most situations our clients have back filed records they would like scanned, which span over many years. Even if their intentions are to internally scan their records, the added expenses to scan the back file could be more costly than outsourcing it. For instance, your day forward volumes may warrant you purchasing scanners that scan 40 pages per minute. However, because of your back filed records, you may need to purchase scanners that scan 80 pages per minute, at 6 times the cost. The added charge per scanner may have been enough to outsource the scanning of the back-filed records. Also the 80 pages per minute scanner may cost as much as 3 times more in annual maintenance and double the price of front end capture software, if used.

Please let us help you justify cutting your operating costs through document imaging. If you are presently scanning your own records or are planning to, let us quote you pricing for our products and services to compare.